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Origin:  Atlanta, Ga.


Genres:  Rock, Metal, Punk


Years Active:  2018 - Present


Label:  ExGen Music



Short Bio


Meet Exquisite Gender, Atlanta’s only all-transgender rock band:

Lead vocals, harmonies and rhythm guitar come from Atlanta music scene veteran Bucky Motter, the artist at one time known as Angela Motter.

The band’s exquisite sound is punctuated with ripping solos and delicate piano musings from ace lead guitarist and guitar/keyboard synth player JoAnn Pfeiffer.

Hard-driving drummer Mandi MacDonald (Straightlaced, Jezebel) holds down the beats.

Lead singer and bass player Shanti locks in with Mandi, creating a rock groove that is undeniable.

Exquisite Gender truly exploded onto the Atlanta music scene in February  2018, with their maiden voyage, performing at Out Front Theatre– for an audience of over 100. The band played beloved covers from the award-winning Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as well as metal-influenced versions of songs ranging from George Michael’s Careless Whisper to the Cranberries’ Zombie.

Exquisite Gender: Expect the unexpected.





Set List - coming soon

Tech Rider - coming soon

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